Welcome to Atlantic AI Services!

Located in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, we have been serving the horse breeding industry in the region since 1986. Today Atlantic AI Services offers semen collection and processing for both cooled and frozen use; the breeding of mares by A.I. with both on-farm and transported semen - both cooled and frozen; and stallion and mare management for those difficult-to-breed animals.

We are not a veterinary service, but have been involved in the breeding industry for many years as producers ourselves, and spend much time keeping on the leading edge of available equine reproduction technologies - which includes some research and field testing of new products for companies. We work willingly with most veterinarians in NS and have had a good pregnancy success with these partnerships.

A certified semen freezing operative partner and founder of, Jos Mottershead and Atlantic AI Services provides information for horse breeders on the subject world-wide, as well as breeding shortcourses and services throughout North America.

Services are offered by appointment only for a limited period during the breeding season owing to commitments outside Nova Scotia. Please contact us for more details.

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Certified Semen Freezing Location